Voice Your Desire Webinar Info:

Event Description: Come, relax, and allow your sweet mind to receive nurturing ideas and stories about the challenges and pay-offs of voicing what you want to those in your life. I'll share a mix of research, personal experiences, tools, and tips to support you in considering how you can more easefully be who you are and express yourself in your relationships. My vision is to support and inspire you to lead a more satisfying and joyful life.

When: 5pm CST (3pm PST, 6pm EST), Monday, May 3rd 2021*

*All attendees will receive a replay of the event, so it's not a problem if you are unable to attend the event live.

Length: 60-75 minutes

What it includes: An engaging down-to-earth talk on how Interpersonal Communication research can assist your life in tangible ways, as well as a Q & A session and a supportive visualization. I'll also provide information about a new relational coaching service I'm launching for those who wish to go deeper.

Cost: Offered "in the gift," which means I'm offering the event as a gift and you choose the amount you pay. A $10+ donation is suggested, but you can pay any amount.

How to sign up: Provide your name and email below. You'll be directed to a page with a donation link. The registration confirmation page includes the Zoom info for the event. You'll also be emailed the even's Zoom link on May 2nd.

Who it's especially for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn more about the power of communication to create meaningful, joyful connection with others in their life.
  • Anyone who wants to understand communication dynamics better to diffuse tense situations, clear up misunderstandings, or resolve conflicts.
  • Anyone who wants to feel empowered to shed old self-sabbotaging conditioning and embrace the juicy heart of life by discovering and expressing themselves more clearly.
  • Anyone who "met" me via my YouTube channel or elsewhere and are curious to connect more with who I am and what I do, this is for you!
  • All my distant friends and acquaintances who have been wondering what on earth I've been up to in "PhDland," this webinar is your chance!!
© 2021 Suzanne Burdick
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