Related Resources


If you've not encountered Cleo Wade's books of poetry and prose, I recommend you check them out. She is a wise soul: down-to-earth, intimate, uplifting in a real way. No plastic "Chicken Soup for the Soul" here. Her book, Heart Talk, drips of voicing vulnerable wants.

I would be remiss if I did not include the Cambridge Handbook on Personal Relationships among the "Related Resources." For those who want to check out the latest empirical research on interperonal communication in personal relationships, this is the thing to read. Plus, my own amazing advisor, Dr. Anita Vangelisti, is the work's chief editor....

I stumbled onto The Love Gap while perusing a Little Free Library in a neighborhood of Asheville, Oregon. Its title caught my eye, as did the backcover speel, so I took the book home. It was an interesting, fast read.